Visit the Farmstead near your Plano home.Experience life in the Blackland Prairie during the late 1800’s at the Heritage Farm Museum. This interactive living museum gives an unforgettable experience for Plano home owners. In the fall you can visit a preserved 4-acre farm, with the two story home built in 1891. A docent-led tour will take you through this interactive building that brings local history to life. The building displays a prospering farm house in the years 1890-1925, complete with a kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. It is the museum’s only recurring exhibit, as there are several rotating exhibits throughout the seasons.

People who call Plano home can also visit a prairie schoolhouse from 1895. It is a one-room building which is an exact replica of a school that still stands today in Ponder, Texas. Learn the history of these classrooms and how education became an important aspect of life for farm children.

Next visit the Farrell-Wilson House Outbuildings. These include the potting shed, kitchen garden, curing shed, carriage garage, blacksmith shed, and pole barn. Learn of the family that made their fortune from the work they put into this farm. See the hardships of farm life and the way it functioned in the 1890’s by exploring this unique area.

Exhibits are always changing. Visit again for a new and exciting experience. This historic museum is a gift to Plano home owners and a unique experience for all. It is such a great opportunity to see how society functioned over a century ago. Visit to see the latest exhibits and plan your trip.