Allen property owners love to jump.Allen property is given an engaging and unique type of park, the Jumpstreet Indoor Trampoline, where the floors and walls are covered with trampolines. Imagine how high you can soar and the flips you can show off here. Bounce straight into the foam pit, or just dive right in. You can travel along the wavy trampolines, too. Try a game of dodgeball in a whole new way, soaring high as you target your opponents and jumping out of the way to win the game.

Kids who live on Allen property and are eight and over can try Fun Pass Activities. You can now slam dunk in basketball here, try a different version of the game with trampolines. How high you can make it on the walking sticks? It’s their latest attraction that challenges your balance and lets you glide down when you reach the top. Then see how long you can last on the mechanical bull--you know you’ve always wanted to find out.

Kids seven and under can travel to the Earthquake Kids Zone which is specially designed to be safe and fun for younger children. They have smaller versions of the trampoline layouts with bouncy castles and activities that are all for them!

This indoor trampoline gym is great for adults, teenagers, and kids. It’s something everyone can enjoy. It’s a great place to play on a wet or cold day near Allen property and a great way to get everyone up and moving this winter season. Click here to go to the website and plan your visit.