David Seeto- Associate Broker/ Houston Division


Seeto Realty

1721 W. Plano Pkwy #101 Plano, TX 75075

David Seeto joined Seeto Realty in 2010 to head and develop the Seeto Realty-Houston Division.  He currently focuses on acquiring HUD, distressed, and residential homes, including commercial properties.  His unique understanding of the finance market and real estate industry together spans over 20 years. Merging his love of real estate and finance helps him guide his clients/investors to expand their business, grow their real estate portfolio, or to find their dream home.


David was recognized early on for his grasp of the finance market.  As the first undergraduate at the University of Oklahoma to be gifted with the honor to manage the Michael Price Student Investment Fund; which allowed finance students a hands-on finance education using real money was not an easy feat.  He then graduated from the OU with a BA in Finance in 1997 and went on to pursue many areas of the finance field.  


In his early years working at Dow Jones Markets/Reuters, David developed a unique approach to investments. He created a risk adverse model in Fixed Income Securities as Senior Bond Analyst. His next career move was with JP Morgan Chase where he excelled and cemented his talents in the area of securities.  He managed portfolios valued over $5.2 Billion; focusing on fixed income securities with the main concentration in asset backed securities, CLO, CDO and Synthetics. 

David is constantly challenging himself and others around him to find and see financial investment opportunities that may not be discernable to most.  He is able to create a diverse investment stream for himself and others. Through tenacious hard work and dedication to his craft; finding undervalued properties is his specialty.  This niche has opened and created many opportunities to generate leads in the real estate market.  Reach out to David today if growing your business and or diversifying your investment portfolio is a priority.